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Gordon R.


Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)


ankeny, IA

Clive, IA

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About me

Hi I'm Gordon, one of the Leading Massage Therapist in Abundant Health - Clive. My interest in massage stems from the ways touch, breath, and energy create movement, flow and rest, important components of peace.

I am interested in the idea of homeostasis, the internal balancing of external inputs and forces. We are masters of this, the calm in the storm, the “I” of the hurricane. Our heart space is where breath and blood and energy process, observing the stimulus and releasing the unhelpful.

Fun fact about me: I'm a proud dad of three amazing girls. Spending quality time with my family is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Oh, and did I mention that I absolutely adore reading books? It's my go-to hobby whenever I can steal a moment to myself.

Services I provide

Customized Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish (Relaxation) Massage


Prenatal Massage

Quick Relief

Mobile Massage

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